St Patrick’s Day celebrated

My wife is from Galway so St Patrick’s Day is always celebrated with her extensive family. This year it was our turn to host so bacon & cabbage was cooked for 15. This was actually a little down on early estimates which put the likely guests at 17. A large undertaking then, necessitating the deployment of every respectable chair in the house and most of the crockery. The main course of bacon had to be cooked yesterday then reheated as we simply didn’t have hob space to cook it, the potatoes and veg.

It all came out well, including two servings of homemade icecream prepared by my 11y.o niece. Everyone turned up on time (approx), was fed and there isn’t much left. haven’t seen some of these folks since Christmas so it was good to catch up.

A fine St Patrick’s Day.


In other stuff – Southampton played really well and unexpectedly beat Liverpool, costing me money as I’d backed them to lose. My quiz team blew a winning score in the wipeout round on Thursday night – very frustrating. And some more words were added to the novel sequel, probably not enough, but it is still moving.


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