Enough of the cold weather

Woke up to snow this morning, just like yesterday. This is fairly unusual for Surrey at this time of year. We haven’t had the heavy snowfall and drifting that people further north had but I’m sick of the cold. A couple of weeks ago the temperature ventured as high as 15C for a day or two and it felt like spring. Feels like we’re back in January right now and January was bad enough first time around.

Did two quizzes this week, both school fund-raisers. Went along to my niece’s school and won their quiz on Friday night. My niece and nephew came along which was great. They’ve not done a quiz before, they both answered important questions and it was really nice that they got to win first time out.

Last night I did a quiz with an old bandmate at his kids’ school. We were 2nd, one point short of the winners. Good night and an interesting quiz. I stayed over with them was up way too late drinking red wine.

Some more words got added to the sequel novel which is now over 7k words – long way to go.

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