Busy week

Short but busy week this week. I ran my quiz tonight at The Inn at West End which meant the picture and  History&Geography rounds had to be set on Wednesday. Thursday night my quiz team tackled the Crab and Dragon quiz. We won but I picked the wrong envelope and won 10 free entries to the quiz. Try again next week.

Main event was a really cool party last night to celebrate the combined birthdays of 3 friends from the T-Party. The venue was The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell; an unexpectedly nice pub in an unpromising area of South London. The party was Steampunk-themed, featuring a Ceilidh and a set from the splendid Professor Elemental. We didn’t do the fancy dress, but a damn fine time was had by all and we got home very late.

Some words did get written on the sequel; not many, but enough to move me on to the next major event so the writing should get easier.

Oh, and Southampton had a good win away at Reading. End of the show for Reading in the Premiership, I think.

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