A rather noisy week

Rather noisy because I went to a gig on Wednesday night. I used to go and see a lot of bands and played some gigs myself with various bands, but I’ve rather got out of the habit; there aren’t very many bands that I’ll travel to see these days. One of the few was on tour though so I hiked over to The Garage in Highbury to see Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. I’d not seen them before though I have several albums. The Garage is a sweaty little venue that holds maybe 500, standing only. It was comfortably full but not shoulder to shoulder and fortunately they turned to air con on after the first band. I only caught a couple of songs from the first band, Neon Five but they sounded OK. I was very well impressed with the second act Pythia – a harder-edged Nightwish-alike. Sonata Arctica were excellent though they could have played a few more older numbers.  A good night!

I finished reading ‘Fade to Black’ by Francis Knight this week, the first book in her trilogy from Orbit. Francis is a member of the T-Party who I know fairly well, but I hadn’t seen any of this one before it was published. It’s great to see her getting the recognition her talent deserves. I enjoyed ‘Fade to Black’, but thought her central character was a bit passive. The next book is out soon so I’ll be ordering it and I know she has already delivered the final manuscript of book 3. She writes so fast it puts me to shame.

1 thought on “A rather noisy week

  1. Gaie and went to see Karl Wallinger/World Party at Under the Bridge – great music and an excellent venue – a new one under the stadium at the Chelsea ground, nice size and they spent a bomb on sound – sounds great.,

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