Its good to meet

I spend far too much time hanging out on a writers’ forum called AbsoluteWrite, this is mainly because its a great site full of sound advice and interesting people… and no, I’m not going to tell you my username. It is a US-centric site, but there’s a decent number Brits on there and we decided to have a real-life meet-up which was this week. Some of the folk I knew because they are in the T-Party, but others I was meeting for the first time even though I felt I knew them from their online persona. We met up on Saturday in The George where the T-Party meet, sat around, drank beer, talked about writing and lots of other stuff and guess what? We all got on well, it was great, lets do it again.

Novel sequel did grow a bit, now up to 8.5k, no news about novel on submission.
Southampton lost badly (0-3 at home) and had 2 men sent off; doubly glad I went to the AW meet-up otherwise I would have been at St Mary’s to see it.

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