May arrives

The beginning of a new month always mean the same thing to me – quiz night on the first Sunday of the month. This month is a little different as the May Bank Holiday gives a long weekend with the opportunity for people stay up a little later knowing they haven’t got work on Monday. This gave me the chance to bring my family quiz team along to compete in my quiz as I’ve been threatening my quiz regulars to do for months. And they delivered, winning by four points (and no, the quizmaster did not help them any more than he helps the other teams). Well done folks, especially my 13 y.o nephew who has now had two outings with the family quiz team and has won both times. 

I also had the opportunity to have an editor from a major London publisher have a look over my the list of UK agents for SF/F that lives on my website ( and is mirrored on the T-Party site. As a result I’ve put up a new version with a few more names added. I’ve tried to make it comprehensive and I hope people find it useful.

The novel sequel grew a bit more to 9k this week, and no, I’ve had no news about the novel.   

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