May arrives… and retreats

Feels like we’ve gone back two months. Last weekend the sun shone and I wore a t-shirt out in the garden. This weekend its back to winter jumpers. 

Not much got written last week, partly due to laziness and partly due to other stuff filling up my writing time. Sequel has only advanced by a few hundred words and there’s still no news of the novel on submission.

Southampton got a point at Sunderland on Sunday which means they are effectively safe from relegation,and it sounded like there should have taken all three. This is a familiar theme; they dominate the game but don’t create enough chances. If they’re going to progress next season then they need to acquire a sharper edge in the last third of the field.

Kudos to Wigan Athletic for winning the FA Cup. I didn’t give them much chance against Man City and, truth be told, their keeper kept them in it, but they kept scrapping and got their reward. I think it is good for football for the someone other than one of the ‘name’ teams to win the Cup. I still think Wigan are going down though.  

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