It ain’t broke so….

Yesterday I attended the AGM of the T-Party, the London-based semi-pro writing group I’ve been going to for ages and I’m happy to report that they are in good health. Members are getting published and gaining agents so we must be doing something right. The only downside is that the published writers now have less time for critiquing and attending workshops. 14 people applied to join last year, 10 of these were successful so word seems to be spreading. As the group’s publicity officer all this makes me happy as I believe this is a great group to be a member of; they certainly made a great difference to my writing.

Tuesday was good evening, not only did Wigan lose at Arsenal removing any threat to Southampton’s Premier League status, but my quiz team won the pub quiz AND chose the right envelope winning £174.

I went to St Mary’s for Southampton’s last match of the season today. They drew 1-1 with Stoke but had more than enough chances to win. As a result they finished 14th – a great result for the first season back in the Premier League, but next season they need to be beating teams like Stoke. It will be very interesting to see what moves they make in the transfer market over the summer.

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