25 years

25 years ago I was best man at a wedding in Co. Laois and with all that has happened in the intervening years and the fact that the divorce rate is frighteningly high, it gave me great pleasure to go out on Tuesday night to celebrate the silver wedding of my friends who I stood duty for back in 1988.  (OK from this you can kinda guess my age, but since there’s a picture of me published with the blog you already knew right?). We had an incredibly expensive meal out at L’Ortolan, a famous Michelin-stared restaurant which made me wish I earned about five times what I do so we could afford to eat there monthly instead of super-special occasions only.

Obviously no writing got done that night, nor on Wednesday as that was the meeting of my local writers circle (had to go, I’m chairman) and Thursday was quiz night (lost by one highly contentious point), and Friday nights I don’t write anyway. So the sequel hasn’t advanced, but then I haven’t heard any responses about the novel on submission. I should get some done next week though.

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