Workshop getting closer

There are still 6 places left in the Nineworlds workshop, we have some great writers and critiquers lined up for you to work with so don’t hold back.

Elsewhere my good friend author Patrice Sarath wants to know what readers want in a book. Why don’t you drop by and tell her, the website is here:

The Australians were poor this week. After a really tight first match England blew them away in the second test with great batting by Ian Bell and Joe Root. Maybe the Aussies should reverse their batting order as the guys down at 9,10 &11 seem to find batting fairly easy and are outscoring the guys whose job it is to make runs.

No news from my agent and the sequel crept forward a bit more.

I took a night out last week to teach my 16 y.o. niece to cook moules mariniere. She has developed a liking for seafood and it is something I cook reasonably often. A successful evening, I think, and I look forward to her cooking it for me sometime. 

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