What I don’t understand

Submissions are now closed for the Nineworlds writing workshop. I have sent out all the submissions to the teams of critiquers and to the submitting authors, so that everyone has time enough to look at all the pieces that will be in their groups. I’m looking forward to the discussions, to hopefully inspiring one or two writers to reach for that next level. My critiquing teams includes two authors whose works are currently on the bookshop shelves, two other agented writers and an award-winning editor. Every critiquer has several years (at least) experience of critting.   

What I don’t understand is why the workshop is only half full. This is free to anyone who is coming to Nineworlds. I don’t know how many people are signed up for the con, but I’m guessing the organisers are hoping for well over a thousand people; that’s what the last Eastercon at Heathrow drew. There are discussion panels featuring major UK agents and editors, recently published authors revealing how they got their deals, discussion panels on the craft of writing; in short a whole thread designed for the aspiring writer.

So why are only 7 people putting forward work for the workshop?


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