First home game

Saturday was Southampton’s first home match of the season, the opposition Sunderland. Last week’s win at West Brom and the signing of Dani Osvaldo for £15 million had raised expectations, including mine.  I really thought we would win this one handsomely; should have known better. Sunderland scored after about 3 minutes; the shortest guy on the field got a free header at a corner. After that Southampton spent the entire match battering at the Sunderland defence and only scored with 2 minutes to go. A hugely frustrating experience, but at least they scored; last season they lost 0-1. I came away from the ground feeling like they’d lost. If they are going to achieve the league position they hope for then they have to beat teams like Sunderland.  

Some more words got added to the sequel. No further news from my agent but then according to his Tweets he’s on holiday.

The quiz team won again on Tuesday and again chose the correct envelope and lifted the jackpot.  We’re going to give it a rest for a week or two to allow the prize funds to regrow. Did another quiz on Sunday night with my brother-in-law and niece, did pretty well (and won a bottle of wine for having the best team name). Good to have the next generation along with us even if she only managed a couple of answers.  

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