Omens not looking great

One of my fellow writers in the T-Party has a new novel on submission, a contemporary or urban fantasy like mine. They sent an email round yesterday with details of a rejection they received from Harper-Collins. The editor who read the novel loved it but couldn’t persuade enough people to take it on, and said that UF is really tight at the moment and it needs to be ‘knocked out of the park in every aspect’ before they’ll buy it. 

This doesn’t not make me feel optimistic, particularly as Orbit have said pretty much the same thing this same fellow writer recently. My novel has picked up some rejections but afaik it is still under consideration at a number of publishers. I was hoping I’d got the timing right this time, turned in a novel that was the sort of thing publishers were looking for. Looks like I’m late on the scene. Now it only takes one publisher to say yes, to think it is ‘knocked out of the park’, but I’m not feeling good about the prospects right now.   

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