Back from holiday, overwhelmed with apples

No blog entry last week as I was lying by a swimming pool in southern Spain and far too lazy to do anything more than reach for another cold beer. I did read two books while I was there and I commend both to your attention. ‘Swords of Good Men’ is a debut novel from an Icelandic writer named Snorri Christjansson; it straddles the line between historical fiction and fantasy containing just enough magic to tip it into fantasy. ‘Darkening Skies’ is the second book of the Hadrumal Crisis series by Juliet McKenna. I’ve read a lot of Juliet’s work and I always recommend her to fantasy writers who want to see what top class world-building looks like. She has created an entirely convincing world where magic works and magic users are part of society.  Her characters are excellent too with every major player well drawn and uncliched. She deserves to be more widely read.

Since I’ve been back from Spain I’ve been occupied with apples; I have a large Bramley tree in my garden and this year it is heavily laden with big green apples. I spent 5 hours peeling and chopping yesterday making a large pot of spicy apple chutney and I’ve barely touched the crop. Does anyone want some apples?  

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