Absolute Writers

Yesterday I went to a meet-up in London of a bunch of people who are all regular posters on Absolute Write (www.Absolutewrite.com/forums), possibly the best writers’ forum on the Net. Some folk I know fairly well because they are members of the T-Party, (the SF/F writing group I belong to), indeed some I recruited to the T-Party from AW. Others I had not met before. A damn fine time was had, much fine ale was quaffed with a great deal of talk then embarrassing photos were taken. That’s one thing you are always guaranteed when writers get together – a lot of talk. I look forward to meeting up again.

A few words now in praise of Abolute Write. As I said above, it is probably the best writers’ forum on the Net. If you’ve heard otherwise then ignore those opinions, the people posting them have an agenda. There are loads of published authors posting on there all the time, a decent number of agents and editors. It is my go to site for information on writing and publishing and it has an extremely useful Story Research area where you can post almost any question, and no matter how obscure, someone will turn up and answer it. My only niggle with it is that it is a bit US-centric. If you’re serious about writing you should look at it. 

Some more words got added to the sequel which is creeping towards 20k, and we won another quiz jackpot last week. 

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