Bit of a f##k up!

Have you ever been invited to a fancy dress party at a public venue and turned up in costume on the wrong night?  Thought that only ever happened in bad comedies? 

Not so! Happened to us last night.

An old friend I haven’t seen for a while e-mailed me an invite to her 50th birthday party at a pub I know in Southampton. A fancy dress party, the theme ‘heroes & villains’. This is why my wife and I arrived at the pub at about 8pm dressed as Bonnie & Clyde (minus the firearms fortunately). There was no-one else in costume there, there was no party.

 It could have been worse, we could have been Spiderman and Catwoman.

Its not a bad as you think it would be, after a couple of minutes people stop looking at you.


In other news, my team won the pub quiz again but didn’t pull out the jackpot envelope this time. England beat Montenegro convincingly, though the first half was tense. I got re-elected as chairman of my local writers’ circle. I wrote a bit more of the sequel to the novel on circulation. Conspicuous by its absence – any news from my agent about said novel.

Oh and I have a  party to go to next Saturday. The theme is ‘heroes & villains’. Any suggestions what I should go as?


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