Catching Up

So yesterday I made it to the 50th birthday party that we thought we were going to last Saturday. My wife was working so I was on my own. This was both good and bad: bad that she didn’t get to see the old friends who were there that we haven’t seen for too long, good that she didn’t see my karoake performance. Yes, I did karoake. Among friends who know my history it is difficult to avoid doing it. Lots of other people did it too, in fact the highlight of the evening was a friend’s daughter, age 11, singing her first karoake – she was very good. Clearly doesn’t get her talent from her father. That was one of the nicest parts of catching up; getting to talk to friend’s children who last time I saw them were too small to be noticed, but have now grown and developed their own personalities. I told everyone that we must not leave it so long before we see them again, and I mean it. Several of them were interested in my writing, a couple asked to read the novel so they’ve been sent copies. I await their verdicts with interest.

So Southampton had a great result at Old Trafford. I am now in danger of believing that this is real and I’m not dreaming.

Some more words got added to the sequel, and no, I haven’t heard from my agent.  


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