Just what a writer wants to hear

I haven’t given my current novel to many people to read. In fact, no-one other than my agent and the editors he has sent it to, has read the current version. This is in marked contrast to my first novel ‘Exile of Darien’, literally dozens of people have read that. So when a couple of weeks ago, a student at work, having read ‘Exile’, asked to read the new one I was very happy to send it to her. She had, after all, given me a very realistic assessment of ‘Exile’ (I know it has flaws, I’ve had them pointed out multiple times). I received an e-mail about it from her this week; she completely loved it, her main complaint was that it ended! This is exactly what a writer wants to hear.  After you’ve written a book and revised it multiple times, you lose your perspective over it, whether it is actually any good. I presumed ‘Shadows’ was good because my agent had put his name behind it. It is lovely to be told that someone really really enjoyed it.  It restores your confidence in your writing. Thanks Kate, you can read any of my writing anytime.

I shall be at World Fantasy Convention next week. My longtime crit partner is coming over from Texas for it, looking forward to seeing her again. She and her husband want to see some castles, so we’re and taking them to North Wales. I hope they bring waterproofs.    

1 thought on “Just what a writer wants to hear

  1. The shoes may get damp but our spirits will be high! Also, please note that one of the castles is Ben’s castle. Can’t wait to see you. And congratulations again on your reader feedback. It’s priceless.

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