So what next?

The synopsis is written, and just as well as my agent e-mailed me midweek asking for it so he could send it to one of the remaining publishers who have my contemporary fantasy novel. I sent it on its way on Thursday. I can’t really say whether it is a good synopsis (is there such a thing?) but it is certainly detailed and probably too long. Writing it required me to reread the novel, and I came away thinking that it is actually pretty good. I find the process of writing a novel leaves me far too close to it to tell whether it is any good or not. I have to leave it a while, get a bit of distance from it before I can judge. Now that I have that distance I’m happy with it.

So what to write next?

I have 4 options – carry on the sequel to contemporary fantasy novel (novel 2) in the hope that it still might get picked up.

 – restart work on the sequel to novel 1 (old adventure fantasy novel). This is the easiest to do, but probably the worst option.

– pick up on the start of the epic fantasy I was working on before novel 2. I’ve just reread the 12k words I have of this and while it is good, I’ve forgotten what I intended to have happen with several of the threads. Might be worth the effort though 

– start something new. I have the start of a novel, but it doesn’t feel ready yet. I’m reluctant to dive in without a bit more of the story.

So what should I do?

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