Reflections on my first cycle of treatment

So I’ve almost completed my first cycle of treatment and I’ve survived pretty well. The only side effect I’ve noticed is altered sensation in my fingertips. I’ve been to work for about 8 days out of the twenty one, run my pub quiz and written another chapter of the work-in-progress. My prelimary blood results showed my lymphocytes had dropped from sixty something to twenty something which is regarded as a decent result.

The next cycle of treatment on Tuesday will have the monoclonal antibody as well as the cytotoxics and steroids so the side-effects could be different, but so far I’m doing pretty good. Thought you might want to know.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on my first cycle of treatment

  1. Thanks for sharing Martin. Have been thinking of you and Mary a lot and am really glad to hear
    how you’re doing. Lots of love and positive thoughts from all of us.

  2. Really glad to hear that ithe first batch was not rough on you and is having results. Thinking of you both.

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