Bring on 2016

Welcome to 2016 mes amis. It’s going to be interesting. No resolutions like ‘write another book’. It goes without saying that I’ll carry on writing, and I’d like to finish another one, but I’m well aware of my own capacity and the best I can offer is further progress on one or other of the works-in-hand. There may also be an unknown amount of reworking in response to editors’ comments which will take precedence over any new work. I did at least write a bit over the Christmas break.

What I’m really excited about is the books coming out. I finally get to find out if people will pay money for my stories. Plenty of people have read them, particularly ‘Exile’, and said lots of positive things, but would they have paid for them? Will people I don’t know buy them? I’m going to find out soon.

Can’t wait to see the cover art.


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