New Year – new sh#t

This post will come as no surprise to those who caught my Facebook updates over Christmas and New Year. For those who did not let me summarise: things went very badly wrong!

My white blood cell levels crashed and I was twice admitted to Frimley Park Hospital with infections my immune system could not cope with. I have now been prescribed a new regime of chemotherapy with a single agent, Ibrutinib which I will start on Monday. This is a new treatment but everything I have read about it sounds very positive.

This inevitably meant that my cochlear implant surgery, which should have been yesterday, has been postponed until my white blood cell count improves. This may be several months, so I’m not going to be getting out to Cons, writing group meetings etc until the summer.

In other news: physical copies of Nandor, book 2 of the Nandor Tales, are now available. The e-book version has been out for a month or so, but there are as yet no reviews (hint!). The audiobook of Exile has been delayed due to the illness of the narrator, but I’m told it should be available in Feb.


5 thoughts on “New Year – new sh#t

  1. I Have just read A Matter of Blood in The Kimota Anthology And enjoyed it so much I immediately purchased Exile. Thanj you.

  2. Martin,
    Hope this finds you well. I am the narrator of Exile which has been finished since January of this year. I have unsuccessfully tried to contact “anybody” at Tickety Boo Press to no avail. I am sending this out in hopes you can contact someone to get your audiobook out into the market. Not only did I enjoy recording the voices of Exile I loved reading it.
    All the Best,
    John Pirhalla

  3. I am facing problems checking out your website. I am unable to find any information regarding your book. I am hopeful that you can offer me some help. Very sorry for bothering you.

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