A belated New Year post

I had intended to write something for the New Year, but I was waiting for a couple of big things and didn’t want to post until I knew how they played out.

Big Thing 1 – the sequel to “Shadows of Faerie”, imaginatively titled “Deeper Shadows of Faerie”, will be coming out with Crossroad Press, the publisher of Shadows of Faerie. I don’t yet know when, there is still a copy edit to do and cover art to choose. It is a bit shorter than “Shadows” at 76k and picks up the story straight on the the end of “Shadows”.

Big Thing 2 – I’m not going back to work. Ever since I was certified as fit to return to work by Lilly’s insurers, I’ve been thinking about it, but there are not very many places doing synth chem within sensible driving distance of Lightwater. However, a job came up at Syngenta’s Jealotts Hill site which isn’t too far away, and was pretty much a description of what I had been doing at Erl Wood so I applied. I did a 1st interview before Christmas and a 2nd series of interviews in the middle of Jan. I thought I did a decent presentation and the technical interview went very well. However, I did not get the job. No explanation – my best guess is that they wanted people who are planning on building careers there. So I remain a full-time writer.


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