Two videos have just gone live featuring a short interview with me discussing my novel ‘Exile’  and longer one with me reading chapter 1

These were made by my brother-in-law and I think he’s done a fine job.

Book 2 is currently scheduled for release in November and, in keeping with the naming protocol of the series, may well be called ‘Nandor’. Cover art should be available soon.

The Importance of the Committed Reader

I had an old friend visit yesterday, someone who is listed in the acknowledgements of ‘Exile’ for their very considerable contribution. She was one of my first readers back when there was less than half the story written. She read what there was and liked it a lot. Up until then ‘Exile’ was just a project I did a bit on in between writing short stories; under the circumstances there was no reason to expect that it was any good. Her response was among the first to indicate that the story worked and was really worth pushing forward with.

After that she became a valued muse. She would nag me about progress, each new chapter would be sent, discussed with her and reworked, further directions storyboarded. Her enthusiasm for the story kept me writing because I was writing for someone.

I liked writing that way. I know some authors hate the idea of showing anyone their work while it is in progress, but I’m the opposite. I loved being able to storyboard the next chapter with someone invested in the story. There are chapters in ‘Exile’ that would not have been written if not for her input. I’m sure it is a better book for her involvement.

My other books were not written this way, I was on my own. Career, marriage and children have all conspired to take my muse from me. But I still miss having someone to brainstorm the next chapter with.


More reviews of ‘Exile’ have come in and they are still strong but I need more. I can’t get enough. It’s not a problem. Really, I can handle it; but please if you’ve read it write it up.

A narrator for the audiobook of ‘Exile’ has been chosen and the result should be out in November. All the tweaks and edits for ‘Return to Nandor’ have been done and I’m awaiting first sight of the cover art.


My last trip to the Haematology consultant was satisfactory; my blood results are stable so no further treatment is scheduled. I have an appointment with the implant clinic for early October to assess me for cochlear implants.

I’m off to Ireland for a holiday shortly and my chosen reading is ‘The House of Shattered Wings’ by former T-Partyer Aliette de Bodard.

Return to Nandor

The edits are done and the manuscript of ‘Return to Nandor’, the sequel to Exile, has been returned to my publisher. Likely publication date: ‘later this year’. When I have a more solid date I’ll post it.

The reviews for ‘Exile’ are starting to come in on Amazon and Goodreads; so far so good with one 5 * and an equal mix of 3* and 4*. Keep ’em coming please, reviews make a diference to sales.


Healthwise I’ve less to say. Last week’s appointment with the consultant was reassuring in that he has ruled out a couple of nasty complications that I could have had. However, they need further tests to decide the way forward. Hence I had a colonoscopy yesterday (not too bad, but the day and a half spent fasting and drinking the laxative solution was literally pretty sh#tty) will have another PET scan (tolerable) and possibly another bone marrow biopsy (not to be looked forward to).

I’m still deaf – though with the new hearing aid I can hear impact sounds (doors shutting etc) and can tell when people are speaking. This is more than before, if it continues to improve, I may restore some functionality.


Survived cycle 2 but….

The cost was high. Not only was I hospitalised for a week with a bleeding duodenal ulcer but somewhere in the middle of that I suffered a catastrophic inner ear hearing loss, possibly viral. The result; I am now deaf beyond the reach of hearing aids, I can hear nothing. I have been referred for cochlear implants which offer a modest hope of some hearing but right now, if you want to communicate with me you need to write it down. I’ve found reasonable utility from some of the voice recognition software on phones and tablets but mostly it is pen and paper.


This fairly clearly means I will not be going to writing groups and cons or presenting quizzes. So if this is where you know me from than this is why I’m not around.

This wasn’t part of the Plan

I was looking forward to gearing up for this year’s publications of my novels, going to cons, doing readings etc.

One blood test put paid to that. Back in early Jan I went for my regular review with the Haematology clinic that treated me back in 2014. October’s readouts had been fine; January’s weren’t – by a long was. Since then I’ve had another bone marrow biopsy (which I really wanted to avoid) a PET scan and, just for added fun, grometts inserted in my ears.

I start chemotherapy on Monday with 6 cycles of 4 weeks planned.

If you were hoping to see me at Eastercon or various writing groups then I’m sorry but I probably will not be to attend.

Bring on 2016

Welcome to 2016 mes amis. It’s going to be interesting. No resolutions like ‘write another book’. It goes without saying that I’ll carry on writing, and I’d like to finish another one, but I’m well aware of my own capacity and the best I can offer is further progress on one or other of the works-in-hand. There may also be an unknown amount of reworking in response to editors’ comments which will take precedence over any new work. I did at least write a bit over the Christmas break.

What I’m really excited about is the books coming out. I finally get to find out if people will pay money for my stories. Plenty of people have read them, particularly ‘Exile’, and said lots of positive things, but would they have paid for them? Will people I don’t know buy them? I’m going to find out soon.

Can’t wait to see the cover art.