September update

We were in southern Spain last week for a bit of late summer sun and had a very lazy time. Sat around the pool, drank cold beer and read Mark Lawrence’s ‘Red Sister’ and pretty good it was; Mark Lawrence does Harry Potter – well almost. A young girl with prodigous gifts is trained as a warrior nun, and being a Lawrence novel the story is several shades darker than HP.

Saw the haematology consultant today and she is happy with my condition. The joint pain associated with my medication is slowly improving and I feel well. So I’m off to Fantasycon this weekend. I just had to be there on the off-chance that I win the ‘Best Newcomer’ award for which I’m shortlisted. Looking forward to catching up with a lot of people I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Just bear with me if we’re in a noisy environment – it might overload my implant and I’ll struggle to hear you.


The T-Party evolves

Now that I have functional hearing and my joints are less painful I’m trying to get my old life back a bit more. The latest step was to go to a meeting of my London-based writing group, the T-Party. I haven’t been able to go to a meeting for nearly 2 years, though I’ve kept up critiquing work that was circulated. There was a social event yesterday so I went along. We met in a quiet pub near Kings Cross and I’m happy to report that my implant coped very well, and I was able to hear pretty much everything that was said.

I’ve been a member for a long time and owe the T-Party a lot for making me a better writer. It was great to catch up with the members who attended. The group is evolving; the name T-Party has become too tainted by American politics so it is changing to Gravity’s Angels – which was the name of the first anthology we published. We are looking to add new members so if anyone is interested in a SF/F/H writing group that meets every couple of months in London and is focused on professional publication take a look at the website

Total Surprise

I’m on the shortist for Best Newcomer at the British Fantasy Awards.  I don’t know how this happened, other than I published a book I desperately hoped people would like. It seems enough people cared to vote for Exile, so thank you very much if you voted for me.

I now have to organise going to Fantasy Con.

One week on

Went back to St Thomas’s Audiology dept yesterday for tests. I went through all their tests with very little difficulty. They were astonished! This is almost unheard of. I already have greater capacity than some people ever achieve! I was able to use the phone and can watch the News without subtitles. Lots of background noise still defeats the system though so I will need to use the Bluetooth mic for conversations is such situations.

Day two

Yesterday I heard the phone ringing, answered it and was able to speak to the person on the other end. Doesn’t sound like much but I couldn’t do that before. Currently trying to follow the TV without subtitles. Everyone still sounds like Donald Duck.

Switched On!

My cochlear implant was activated today and I’m glad to report it worked well enough for me to hold conversations immediately. Everyone sounds rather squeaky but at least I can hear them. High background noise causes problems but in a quiet environment I can function well. My own voice sounds much louder than before but I’ll get used to that.