Christmas is upon us!

I went back to work briefly at the end of November, but I’ve been at home for most of this month using up the holiday I didn’t take while I was under treatment. This means lots of writing – doesn’t it? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, lots of time does not for me equate to lots of words. I have been pushing on with the sequel to my adventure fantasy novel. I’m up to 61k words and the end is certainly in sight confirming that it will be substantially shorter than the first book.

Goodreads tells me that I’ve read 14 novels this year (which will be 15 before the end of 2014) which is a pretty good number as many of them were chunky old beasts. The best novel was clearly ‘The Girl With All the Gifts’ by Mike Carey – not a comfortable read but one I could not put down. I thoroughly recommend it to any of you who haven’t read it.

Had a great trip to St Marys’ on Saturday with some mates from work. Southampton had, just like last season, passed through a slump in December, losing games they should have won (Burnley, Man Utd) or drawn (Arsenal) and picked up some injuries and suspensions. I was not expecting this to change for the Everton match, but I was most agreeably surprised by how well the whole team played to win 3-0. A 19 y.o. midfield player named Harrison Reed made his first start and looked like he had played in the Premiership all season – another star from the Saints Academy.

I wish a happy and peaceful Christmas to all my readers.

First home game

Saturday was Southampton’s first home match of the season, the opposition Sunderland. Last week’s win at West Brom and the signing of Dani Osvaldo for £15 million had raised expectations, including mine.  I really thought we would win this one handsomely; should have known better. Sunderland scored after about 3 minutes; the shortest guy on the field got a free header at a corner. After that Southampton spent the entire match battering at the Sunderland defence and only scored with 2 minutes to go. A hugely frustrating experience, but at least they scored; last season they lost 0-1. I came away from the ground feeling like they’d lost. If they are going to achieve the league position they hope for then they have to beat teams like Sunderland.  

Some more words got added to the sequel. No further news from my agent but then according to his Tweets he’s on holiday.

The quiz team won again on Tuesday and again chose the correct envelope and lifted the jackpot.  We’re going to give it a rest for a week or two to allow the prize funds to regrow. Did another quiz on Sunday night with my brother-in-law and niece, did pretty well (and won a bottle of wine for having the best team name). Good to have the next generation along with us even if she only managed a couple of answers.  

May arrives… and retreats

Feels like we’ve gone back two months. Last weekend the sun shone and I wore a t-shirt out in the garden. This weekend its back to winter jumpers. 

Not much got written last week, partly due to laziness and partly due to other stuff filling up my writing time. Sequel has only advanced by a few hundred words and there’s still no news of the novel on submission.

Southampton got a point at Sunderland on Sunday which means they are effectively safe from relegation,and it sounded like there should have taken all three. This is a familiar theme; they dominate the game but don’t create enough chances. If they’re going to progress next season then they need to acquire a sharper edge in the last third of the field.

Kudos to Wigan Athletic for winning the FA Cup. I didn’t give them much chance against Man City and, truth be told, their keeper kept them in it, but they kept scrapping and got their reward. I think it is good for football for the someone other than one of the ‘name’ teams to win the Cup. I still think Wigan are going down though.