Nerve-wracking week

Been an interesting and nerve-wracking week to be a Southampton supporter. With Cortese resigning there seemed for a while to be a fair chance of Pochettino going too, followed by an exodus of our best players. Hasn’t worked out like that, but I was worried. As the architect of our rise from -10 points in League 1 to (currently) 9th in the Premiership, Cortese will always have my thanks, but he did appear to be a man who wanted to do things his own way and damn the consequences. The dismissal of Nigel Adkins typified that and left many feeling that it wasn’t the way the club should do business. Still he’s gone and the new regime is being installed, promises have been made about continuing commitment to the club. I have tickets for the next 2 home games and hope to see us holding on to the position we’ve gained.

In other news, the T-Party have been approached by the organisers of Loncon, the 2014 World Science convention, to run a writing workshop (and possibly other workshops) at the convention. I very much hope we’ll be able to do this as it should be a huge con. 

Note for writers out there: Simon & Schuster (US) have started a new SF/F e-book and print imprint called Simon451. Currently they are open to unagented submissions at , this is a good opportunity to send them something. I did. 


Fairly good week

As the title says, I’ve had a fairly good week. We won the pub quiz by a healthy margin last week but pulled out the wrong envelope. I went to watch Southampton play West Brom on Saturday. They won, but made hard work of it and d#mn near blew it at the end. Most importantly the sequel got enough words added to it so that it is now close to 20k words. I still haven’t heard anything about the outstanding submissions of the first book so I intend to plough on with it for the time being. Maybe I should be starting a new project, but I just don’t have a strong enough idea yet and I don’t want to waste writing time on a false start. At least I know where I’m going with the sequel, and possibly someone may yet buy it.