Cycle 6 and beyond

So I’m coming to the end of cycle 6 of my treatment. Cycle 7 starts on Tuesday. Haven’t had any problems and had a brief check over with the consultant on Friday and they were happy with condition. Things are currently looking good for me to be through this by early November.
So what have I been doing? I made a lot of apple pickle and wrote a decent amount. I’m currently working on the sequel to the first novel I wrote, the adventure fantasy story that got me an agent but nobody bought. I’m probably going to end up either self-publishing this one or going with a small publisher. Either way I feel I need the sequel to be complete in at least first draft before book 1 comes out. Currently I have 50k words; it is likely to end up shorter than book 1 (102k) so I’m over halfway.

Yesterday the T-Party had as visiting speaker the lovely Sandra Sawicka, recently appointed agent at Marjacq. She very kindly gave up her Saturday afternoon to come and talk to us and an excellent afternoon it was. She likes her fantasy on the dark side and reckons 120k is the sweet spot for an SF/F novel, so if you have one why not send her a sample?

Southampton won again yesterday. I would have gone to the match but I was at the T-Party meeting. It is great to see how quickly the team has come together. Long may it continue, though I doubt we’ll be 2nd for much longer. I’m very much looking forward to going to a game again.