Full therapeutic dose – 3 weeks in

Just a brief update.

I was able to stop the Filgastrim shots after last week’s blood result which was the first marker of progress. This week’s result confirms further progress – my platelet levels are now in normal range (just) and the other blood markers are all moving the right way. Still no side effects.


Full therapeutic dose

I’ve now been on the full therapeutic dose of Venetoclax for 1 week and I still feel fine – no side effects. The lymph nodes in my groin and neck have gone down, and the blood test I took this morning shows the beginning of an improvement with my neutrophil levels above 1; for comparison 4 weeks ago they were 0.6. I hope this is real and will continue. The first real marker is being able to stop the daily Filgastrim injections (bone marrow stimulant).

I also hope there will be good news about the audiobook of Exile soon.