Rewrites already

You know how I said I was taking a break from the novel I’ve just finished? I was wrong! I read out an early part of the story at my midweek writing group and received some very strong feedback that something didn’t work. So now I’m rewriting the first 3rd of the book.

Feedback is good. You get too close to a story to see what works and what doesn’t, at least I do.  This is the way a story gets better


The End

THE END – What a lovely pair of words!

I typed them today on ‘Return to Nandor’, the sequel to my first novel ‘The Exile of Darien’ which no-one wants to buy. It is a lot shorter than ‘Exile’, but it is only a first draft so there’s still a lot of work to do and it may get longer. I’m pleased to have finished it. It is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time; a story that wouldn’t leave me alone. Have I finished with these characters? I don’t know, probably not but I’m going to work on something else for a while. That may be the sequel to the novel Telos are publishing, or it may be another project. That’s for tomorrow. Today has been a good day.