The T-Party evolves

Now that I have functional hearing and my joints are less painful I’m trying to get my old life back a bit more. The latest step was to go to a meeting of my London-based writing group, the T-Party. I haven’t been able to go to a meeting for nearly 2 years, though I’ve kept up critiquing work that was circulated. There was a social event yesterday so I went along. We met in a quiet pub near Kings Cross and I’m happy to report that my implant coped very well, and I was able to hear pretty much everything that was said.

I’ve been a member for a long time and owe the T-Party a lot for making me a better writer. It was great to catch up with the members who attended. The group is evolving; the name T-Party has become too tainted by American politics so it is changing to Gravity’s Angels – which was the name of the first anthology we published. We are looking to add new members so if anyone is interested in a SF/F/H writing group that meets every couple of months in London and is focused on professional publication take a look at the website