3rd Cycle

Last week was supposed to be my good week. I’d go to work (half hours) and get lots done. Didn’t work out like that because I woke up on Sunday morning with really stiff legs; felt like I had played a really competitive soccer game with zero preparation, I was having trouble walking. I dosed up on big anti-inflammatories and went to work but by midweek it was clear it wasn’t getting better. Called the unit, ‘not one of our known side-effects, go to your GP’. Went to the GP who was concerned about DVT, sent me to the hospital to get checked out. No DVT as expected but no other diagnosis. Fortunately they gave me antibiotics for something else, and a couple of days of taking those started to improve the legs. Looks like it was a bacterial infection of the thigh muscles, not that anyone diagnosed it.

Cut to now, the infection had subsided enough that I received full dosing schedule 3 on Tuesday. The Lymphocyte levels after dose 2 were down to 3.4 (the target was below 11) so I’m making progress.

I’ve sent out all the Worldcon Writing Workshop submissions to the critiquers and I’m now sending them to particpants. I may have another critiquer or two coming on board but that’s still up in the air. I’ve even managed a bit more of my own writing.