Return to Nandor

The edits are done and the manuscript of ‘Return to Nandor’, the sequel to Exile, has been returned to my publisher. Likely publication date: ‘later this year’. When I have a more solid date I’ll post it.

The reviews for ‘Exile’ are starting to come in on Amazon and Goodreads; so far so good with one 5 * and an equal mix of 3* and 4*. Keep ’em coming please, reviews make a diference to sales.


Healthwise I’ve less to say. Last week’s appointment with the consultant was reassuring in that he has ruled out a couple of nasty complications that I could have had. However, they need further tests to decide the way forward. Hence I had a colonoscopy yesterday (not too bad, but the day and a half spent fasting and drinking the laxative solution was literally pretty sh#tty) will have another PET scan (tolerable) and possibly another bone marrow biopsy (not to be looked forward to).

I’m still deaf – though with the new hearing aid I can hear impact sounds (doors shutting etc) and can tell when people are speaking. This is more than before, if it continues to improve, I may restore some functionality.