Feeling better

The antibiotics have done their job. I have some residual tightness of the chest, but I’m essentially recovered and back at work though I’ve lost about a stone in weight. Wouldn’t recommend it as a weight loss regime though.

Did do some writing on the old project; finished the chapter and then sent the 14k words to my long-time crit partner who was rather unimpressed with it. I’ve now sent it to my agent to see if he thinks it has legs. I’d rather find out now that if is fatally flawed than put more time on it. I do have another idea that is coming to the boil so I’ll start that if my agent doesn’t like what I’ve sent him.

Had a good T-Party workshop this weekend. A lot of consistency in the crits given to the 3 pieces we had to consider. That’s always good; I’ve been in workshops where half the critters loved something and half hated it. With a situation like that I guess you leave the manuscript untouched unless someone says something that chimes with you. But when a roomful fo people all tell you the same thing I think you should listen.